Glide Rural Fire Protection District

Serving the Community of Glide, Oregon

Main Station Update 4-14-2014

If you have been by the station recently you can see that the contractors are wasting no time is getting the building up and running.  This week the roofers are finished so the entire building is now dried in.  Now the work on the inside starts.  We have been busy picking out colors and trim packages.  Work is progressing on schedule and on budget.  We are looking at move in day at the end of July or the first of August.  After we have vacated the old building it will be demolished and the area will be paved for a parking lot.




Glide Fire broke ground on the main station on Monday January 6th.  Since then we have been busy getting the rock in place and preparing the pad for construction.   Things have gone well and the excavation is on schedule.  So far over 1,500 yards of rock have been hauled into the site.

Throughout the project Glide Fire has promised the community to use as much “LOCAL” resources as possible and while the main station is not 100% local contractors I feel that we have done a good job, starting with selling the bonds almost one year ago.  The Board had decided to sell the bonds through Edward Jones who has local offices in Roseburg.  They did a fantastic job of keeping your tax dollars in local hands.  It took less than two days to sell all of the 2.5 million in bonds and of that amount 1.1 million was sold in Roseburg with the remaining being sold in Oregon except for $15,000 sold out of state.  What this means for you is that all the interest we are paying for those bonds is being returned to local investors and not being sent to a big bank on the East Coast.    The board also hired a local architect helping to support more local labor.  In building the Sub Station %100 of the work was done by local contractors with local materials.  On the main station we have many local contractors including, paving, concrete masonry lumber supply, glu-lams, casework, gutters and doors, glass, gypsum and HVAC.  All together so far we have over 1.1 million dollars in local contracts.


Dan Tilson

Fire Chief


building #1 building #2


The request for proposals went out on the main station and the district received seven proposals back from contractors.  These proposals were sent to the building committee for review and after individual scoring of each proposal it was decided to interview five of the seven.  Over a period of about a week the committee interviewed Todd Building Construction, LCG Pence, Harmon Construction, Gerding Builders, and Wildish.  While the committee felt that any of the contractors would build a great station for Glide Fire, we were also looking for which contractor would be a good fit, and who would work best with the community.  After much discussion between committee members and more discussion at the Board Level it was decided to go with Gerding Builders out of Corvallis.  Gerding has experience in two areas that we were looking at.  First they have experience in building Fire Stations and they also have experience as Contract Managers/ General Contractor  (CM/GC).  Gerding has shown a willingness to work with the local communities to get as many locals involved in the building project as possible.  They have also worked with many Non-Profits and know that we are working with a limited budget.  All of us are excited to get this project underway and hope to be putting the first phase of the project out to bid in the next 30 days.  Gerding has decided to bid the site work excavation and rock work before winter sets in.  This will give us time to review the  plans, make changes and hopefully start construction before the first of the year.  If you are a licensed, bonded contractor with good references and would like to be invited to a meeting with the contractor please e-mail glide fire @


Glide Fire has taken possession of the substation at Hwy 138 and Glide Transfer Site Road.  Currently the station is home to one class A engine and a 3,000 water tender.  If you are living on South Bank Road,Whistlers Park Road, parts of Whistlers Lane, or west of the Sub Station including Singleton  Road you may want to check with your insurance.  Previous to the opening of the new substation these areas were classified as a class 10 for fire insurance.  Now with the new substation they should be a class 8b.  If you find out that you are being charged more than you should and your insurance needs more information please have them contact Glide Fire.


Glide Fire took part in the annual Douglas County Tip a Hero fundraiser for the Mercy Foundation Thursday night September 19th at Munchies.  The event was very successful raising over $700.  Glide Fire would like to thank all those who attended and especially Munchies for hosting the event.




Sub Station

The sub station at theGlide Transfer Roadis moving forward.  The Land had been deeded over to Glide Fire and the contract for building the station has been awarded to Zerbach Construction of Roseburg.  Zerbach was the low bidder with a base bid of $164, 698  The board received eleven bids for the sub station.  Construction should began sometimes in July and take eight to ten weeks to finish.  When completed we will move our reserve fire engine and the reserve tender to the new sub station.


Main Station

Plans for the main station are mostly done and we are on tract to break ground in October.  In the next few weeks we will be sending out a request for proposal (RFP) for a contractor for the construction of the main station.  After all the proposals are received we will begin the selection and interview process for the contractor.


Sale of Glide Fire Bonds


We had a very successful sale of the 2.5 million of general obligation bonds to finance the Fire Station.  Edward Jones was the bonding agent and the Board directed them to try and sell the bonds locally.  The final results were that 1,170,000 in bonds were sold from theRoseburgoffices.  The rest of the bonds were sold throughout Oregon with the exception of $15,000 sold inNew Mexico.  All the Glide Fire Bonds were sold to small individual investors.

The Bond Passed !!!!! What happens next?


We have been busy since the passage of the bond.  Our first job was to find a bonding agent to sell the bonds and the Board picked Edward Jones Investments who has several local offices in Roseburg.  Edward Jones works hard to sell bonds to individuals and they feel that they can sell most if not all the bonds locally in Douglas County.  The district is currently finishing up the bonding process and hope to have the bonds available to sell by the end of April or the first of May.  If you are interested in buying Glide Fire bonds you can contact any of the local Edward Jones offices.  The second part of the puzzle that we have been working on is contracting with an architect.  The Board chose local architect Paul Bentley.  The district have been working very closely with Paul for the last few months finishing up details for the substation and looking at the new station.  The district has been working with Douglas County to have the land for the substation deeded over to the district.  We are hoping to be able to go out to bid for the Sub Station in the next month of so and start construction soon after that.  This summer we will be working on final plans for the main station, going out to bid for a contractor and starting construction sometime in October.

A&E Firm Chosen

At the February board meeting the board chose local architect Paul Bentley to be the A&E firm for the new station and substation.  Paul was chosen from a list of five firms that sent in proposals.  The project team met over several days, going over and scoring all the proposals.  Of the five firms that sent in proposals four were selected for personal interviews.  The team spent one day interviewing each firm asking questions to determine which team would work best with our project and Glide Fire.  After checking several references it was decided that Paul would be the best fit for Glide Fire.  The district is looking at building the Sub Station first followed by ground breaking of the main station in late summer.

Dan Tilson

Fire Chief

Fire Board Votes to Sell Bonds Through Edward Jones

At the last board meeting the Fire Board decided to go through Edward Jones to sell the bonds to build the new station.  Income from the bonds will be tax free and they will be sold in blocks of $5,000.  Interest rates for the bonds will be set on the day they go on sale depending on the bond market on that day.  Edward Jones has several local offices in Roseburg.  If you are interested in purchasing Glide Fire bonds please contact an Edward Jones representative .


Dan Tilson

Fire Chief

Glide Fire Keeps ISO Ratings

After an extensive two day investigation by ISO (Insurance Services Office ) Glide Rural Fire Protection had retained a split ISO rating of 5/8b.  So why doe this matter to the taxpayers of Glide?  The fire district ISO ratings impacts how much you pay for fire insurance.  Those people that are within 5 miles of the station and within 1,000 feet if a qualifying fire hydrant are a class 5.  Those homes that are not within 1,000 of a hydrant but are still within 5 miles of the station are a class 8b.  If you are more than 5 road miles from a station or are outside the district you are a class 10.  If you have any questions about what class you are in please contact the fire station and we would be glad to help you.

Dan Tilson

Fire Chief